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We are extremely excited that we have ‘Introduced Thrive into our Setting’ and we are now a Thrive school. The Thrive Approach is embedded into our support for all the children. Since the beginning of the year during lockdown, on Seesaw and until now in class, the children have taken part in a range of Thrive activities to support their emotional and social development, as well as to help them to feel happy and secure, able to enjoy friendships, relate well to others, and be ready and able to learn.

How does Thrive work?

The Thrive Approach draws on the latest research into brain science, child development theory and attachment theory. It helps us to understand how babies’ and children’s brains develop, and how parents, teachers and other professionals can best support this development by providing the best experiences for the children at each stage.

Thrive also helps us to better understand the children’s needs being signalled by their behaviour. Sometimes children may struggle as a result of temporary setbacks or other longer term changes in their lives, such as a separation, a bereavement, a family illness or accident, or even the arrival of a new baby. They may signal their distress by becoming more withdrawn or distant, or perhaps more challenging or disruptive, or even by trying too hard to please. If this happens we use Thrive to look beyond the behaviour to give these children the support they need to get back on track.

Sometimes they only need a little extra support in class and sometimes they may need additional one-to-one time to help them along.

“The Base”

We are very lucky to be able to offer a safe space for the children to go to should they need some quiet time, or some one to one support. The base is a space that is open to all children.

The Base

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