Meet the Governing Body

Mrs H Prout – Chair

Mrs K Longley – Delta Staff Member (Head of Academy)

Mrs L Hillyer – Delta Staff Member (Associate Executive Principal)

The EAB challenge and support the senior leadership team to ensure the highest possible standards are maintained in all areas of school life. Parents are regularly consulted and their views valued highly.

If you wish to speak to a member of the Governing Body, please phone or e-mail the main office and we will be happy to help.

You can read more about our AAB on our Statutory Information page here.

Please find below a document detailing the Education Advisory Board appointment details for 2022-2023.

 Full NameCommittee MembershipAppointed by Date of Appointment TermDeclared Business and/or Pecuniary  InterestAttendance at Meetings in last academic year (2022/2023)Other EABs/Governors Committees/ educational institutions
Helen ProutChairPrincipal & EAB Members/June 2021 None3 out of 3 AAB
Kerrie LongleyHead of AcademyDelta December 2019None7 out of 7 AAB
Lisa HillyerAssociate Executive PrincipalDelta September 2020 None5 out of 6 AAB
Michelle MartinParent MemberSeptember 2021None3 out of 3 AAB