The Dogs Trust Visit to School

22nd September 2017

Our pupils had an exciting day yesterday when they all took part in learning how to be a responsible dog owner when the Dogs Trust visited the school. They learnt all about what to do if they come across a dog in the street, how to protect themselves if a dog tries to jump up at them by either rolling into a ball like a hedgehog or using the X-factor move.

Leona Dunstan in Year 2 said “I liked how Emma showed us what to do if a dog knocked us over”. They also learnt the three rules about what you should do if you see a dog with an owner and you would like to stroke the dog;

1. ask the owner if you can stroke the dog,

2. ask the owner where the dog likes to be stroked, and

3. let the dog smell your hand first.

We had great feedback from Emma-Jo at the Dogs Trust who said she had really enjoyed the day and we are by far one of the nicest schools she has visited. She also said that all the staff and pupils were very welcoming and it was fantastic to see all the pupils getting involved in all of the sessions.

Well done Kingston!