Year 6 2017

Miss Horrocks - Year 6 Class Teacher

 My name is Miss Horrocks and I am the new, year 6 teacher. Recently qualified, I spent my teacher training year at Kingston and fell in love with the school! 

One of the best things about working in Year 6 is the variety of interesting and insightful questions the children ask. Wanting to understand the world around them and explore their own beliefs and values makes working with year 6 children extremely rewarding. 

Although Year 6 can be a challenging year, I can see already that my class have a strong determination to reach their true potential and positive attidude towards supporting each other along the way!
In my spare time I enjoy spotting wildlife whilst on walks and watching science fiction films.




Mrs Morris - Teaching Assistant













Mrs Lee - Teaching Assistant 

I work in Key Stage 2 helping the children to develop the skills they will need for secondary school. I thoroughly enjoy watching the children mature into young adults. 

My spare time is family time. I have two gorgeous children who love to go on adventures together, whether it's splashing in muddy puddles, taking our dog for a walk or going to the seaside.  











'Frozen Kingdom' 

For our topic this half term we will be exploring the planet’s coldest lands…vast wilds and hostile territories - incredibly beautiful yet often deadly. 

Discover how the magnificent animals that roam these lands survive the freezing temperatures. Research 

facts about the climate, habitats and eco-systems of the Arctic and Antarctic. How did the famous polar explorers survive such long and dangerous journeys?  

Find out what conditions where like on aboard the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic. Imagine being a passenger setting off for a new life in America; when suddenly disaster strikes! 

PE Sessions 

Monday afternoons - please bring indoor and outdoor kits (including trainers, jogging bottoms/leggings) 


Reading at Home 

Read 5x per week to get a prize or a treat 

Get a raffle ticket for the prize draw every day you read at home. 

Receive a learning reward point for every time day you read at home.  



Homework is given out each week. 


Our home learning project this half term is to use a range of snowy images to create a polar collage. Remember to use lots of interesting textures, shapes, colours and patterns.  


Any links to websites/passwords that would be helpful for parents Log in to see how many points you have.  


Check out any maths homework activities and challenge each other to maths competitions. 

Ask your teacher for your username and password if you have forgot.  


Class Rules/Other things parents may need to know 


Please read at home every night. 


We have a weekly spelling test every Friday. Please practise the spellings we send home with your child each week. LOOK—COVER--WRITE--CHECK. 


We have a weekly arithmetic test every Friday. Please practice timetables with your child each week as these will help with their arithmetic.