Year 3 2017

Mrs Godfrey - Teacher

Hello my name is Mrs Godfrey and I joined Kingston this September to teach in year 3 . I have been made to feel very welcome. My career in teaching spans a quarter of a century- wow how time fly's. It has always been a privilege and a passion of mine to work alongside young minds, challenging and developing skills and knowledge. Learning is fun and together we will strive to do our very best and fulfil our true potential and know there is always a solution to a problem.

When not at school I love to spend time with my husband and two teenage daughters. When  I'm not being mum's taxi I enjoy singing, dance, cross stitch, reading and watching films (if I can stay awake until the end!!!)





Miss Johnson - Teaching Assistant

Hi I'm Miss Johnson. I have worked at Kingston for about 13 years. I love working here as the children are fantastic. From my first day on supply the staff have always been warm, welcoming and fun.  I have three lively children Morgan, Poppy and Issac that keep me very busy.

When I get some free time I love baking cakes much to my colleagues delight.








Mrs Kerridge - Teaching Assistant


 My name is Mrs Kerridge. I am a teaching assistant working in year 3. I  enjoy my job because I get to work with lots of lovely children and watch them grow and learn,

I am married with three children. In my spare time I like to spend days at the seaside with my family eating lots of scrumptious food and finding fun things to do.













 It’s time to take a walk on the wild side!

What will be discovered … a bug-munching lizard or an eagle- eyed bird of prey?

This half term, we’ll study some amazing animals to discover how they move, behave and what they eat. Which ones are the predators / hunters and which ones will be the unwilling victims (their prey)?

We’ll learn about the different parts of a plant and how some plants are predators! We’ll investigate food chains and learn about how animals find their food.

We will learn about creepy crocs, amazing alligators, the deadly assassin bug and the voracious Venus flytrap. Be inspired to write an informative leaflet all about a predator or its prey.

Then use what we know about the best of the beasts to create the ultimate predator; the apex of the chain. Cross your dad with a peregrine falcon or your nan with a great white shark! What incredible species can you imagine?

Feeling peckish? Let’s jump aboard the food chain!

At the end of the ILP, we’ll show you a range of animal fact presentations, make animal collages and learn about the interesting (and disgusting) world of parasites!


PE Sessions 

Wednesday afternoon – please bring indoor and outdoor kits (including trainers, jogging bottoms/leggings) 

It would be a good idea to bring PE kits on a Monday and take them home on a Friday for washing just in case of timetable changes or extra sessions. 



Friday afternoons. 

Please remember long hair needs to be tied up and no earrings can be worn. 


Reading at Home 

Time should be spent each evening listening to your child read. Please remember to write in their reading record and return these to school every day. 

By reading daily children can earn reward points and are entered into the weekly raffle to win a book. The children can read school books, favourite books, library books, comics or online books (from bug club on Activelearn). Please please please remember to write it in their reading record. 


It is vital that children read regularly (little but often) as this will also help them improve their own writing by both developing their vocabulary, understanding and use of punctuation. 



Spellings will be given out each week on a Friday and the children will be tested on those spellings the following Friday. Spellings will be given in paper form and will be based on the Common Exception Word Lists for year 3/4. This list is part of the new curriculum and consists of words that do not follow the normal spelling rules. Children who achieve higher scores than their previous test will receive a learning point and those achieving full marks will get 2 learning points plus an extra point for each consecutive week they get full marks. 

To help children to learn their spellings they could write them in a range of sentences, create rhymes to help them remember the spelling and illustrate the word. Children will also bring home the Y3/4 spelling sheet from the national curriculum, this is a list of around 100 words the government expects most children to be spelling correctly by the end of year 4. 


Times Table Targets 

Children will be set a times table target and progress will be displayed on a classroom chart. 

Check your maths homework activities and online books. 

Username is the first 4 letters of a child's first name and surname e.g. Alesha Jones = alesjone 

Password – year3 

school code – kipa 



This will be given on a Friday. Deadline for return will be the following Friday, although it is always advisable to return it before this in case of problems. Both Reading and Maths (every alternate week) will be set online Active Learn. If parents or pupils have difficulty accessing the internet or require new logins do not hesitate to send a request in via letter or speak to any of the Year three team.   


Our home learning project this half term is a choice of:- 

  • Make a model  of the Gorgon Medusa’s head with the venomous snakes for hair. 

  • Athena’s shield 

  • Hermes winged sandals 

  • Greek Temple e.g Parthenon 

  • Greek Column 

  • Greek Vase 

  • Trojan Horse 

  • Greek Theatre mask 

  • Mount Olympus & Gods 

  • Create your own mythological creature 

Any links to websites / passwords that would be helpful for parents - Please access this site to see our homework and online reading books - To look at points that have been rewarded for good learning behaviour - Resources from various sites are all together in sections - On the e4education games area you will find a selection of English, Maths, Science, Art, ICT games and activities for all ages. - English, Maths and Science activities - A huge selection of maths games for all ages - English and Maths games suitable for all ages - Free online interactive games for Literacy and Maths - Free online interactive games for Literacy and Maths 


Class Rules/Other things parents may need to know 

We hang up our coats & bags on our peg and place our outdoor shoes neatly together under the bench.  

If we our having a healthy pack lunch brought from home we put it neatly in the box provided. 

Our indoor pumps are waiting patiently for us on our chairs in the classroom. 

Reading records and books need to put in the middle of our table to be checked. 

We will get our pencil case of equipment from our tray and with our parents encouragement begin our morning task straight away. 

We need to arrive promptly, be in school every-day in our smart uniforms. 

 Please write our names in all of our clothes and belongings so that if we do lose them we can be reunited with them again. 

We learn as a collaborative team and respect each other’s ideas and point of view. We know that we learn by making mistakes but we remain positive, resilient and determined. By being enquiring and reflective we will overcome any challenges presented to us.