Year 2

Mrs Carr - Year 2 Class Teacher 

My name is Mrs Carr. I have been teaching the lovely children of Kingston Park Academy for three years.  I have worked in Foundation Stage and this year I am teaching Year 2. 

I really enjoy working at Kingston Park as no two days are the same! Every day my class make me smile by saying something funny or making me really proud of their achievements.

In my class I have excellent artists, story tellers, mathematicians and designers- as well as a few soap stars and X-factor finalists! We all celebrate each others indivduality and compliment each other with our different skills and personalities. When I am not at school I enjoying going on holiday and seeing different places.




Mrs Findley - Teaching Assitant


My name is Deborah Findley. This is my first year at Kingston Park Academy but have worked in schools for over thirteen years.
I have been made to feel very welcome and enjoy the curiosity children have to their learning.  When not in school l like walking my dog Oscar.



This term our topic is......










Year 2 ‘Wriggle and Crawl’




Let’s grab our coats and magnifying glasses – we are going out and about on a minibeast hunt!


We will look under leaves and rocks, sweep our nets in puddles and see who’s home.


We will set up our own minibeast lab – observe different insects and watch spiders spin their webs.


We will learn about bees and worms too, looking at food chains to show who eats who.  We will carry out investigations to find out how far a snail travels in a day and how a spider catches it’s pray.


On your belly, legs at the ready, it’s time to wriggle and crawl!





Other topics we have covered this year are.... 











This way or that way?  Where should we go? Let’s learn about our local community, looking at houses old and new and finding out how the streets have changed since our parents and grandparents were young.  Did any of our relatives go to our school or maybe work in the shops around us?

We will be making maps and plans of the streets around us, planning routes and marking on our way to school.  What will we see?  What can we find?  Whereabouts do you live?  Do you know your address?

We will be going on walks around our local area and making 3D replicas of the buildings we see.

We will be writing instructions, directions and adverts and learn about our community from different times.

Ready to roll, Street Detectives?  Get your maps, clipboards and cameras and lets start investigating!


















Towers, Tunnels and Turrets.  We will be going on a trip to Lincoln Castle to investigate what life was like for those who lived in the castle. 

Get ready to invade the castles mighty walls.  Head across the drawbridge, over the moat and up to the top of the tower…

We will be building our own castles and then testing their defences – will we be able to attack them or will we have made our defences strong enough?

Then we will dig deep, deep down making burrows and tunnels, just like the animals who live underground.

What’s that sound we hear?  Is it little hooves going trip, trap, trip, trap over the rickety bridge?  Watch out for the angry troll underneath… He likes to gobble up little girls and boys!  We will need to make a bridge that is sturdy enough to take the weight and get us safely to the other side.











'Land Ahoy'

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!  Arrr….me hearties, - it’s a sailors life for us!

We will be getting our sea legs on and sailing the salty seas (or at least down the River Trent).  We will navigate, investigate and explore the world – just like Captain Cook and other explorers did.

We will be making boats, sinking ships, flying our pirate flags!  We will speak like a pirate, write like a poet, then weigh and measure a pirate’s treasure haul.

We will investigate how rescues happen at sea and find out about brave volunteers and young Miss Darling, rowing her boat across stormy seas.

We will sing a sea shanty whilst cleaning the poop deck then go on a hunt for Captain Longbeard’s hidden treasure.

There’s land ahead, me hearties! Let’s get the ship to the port!!




'Muck, Mess and Mixtures'.

Let’s get messy! Muck and mess is good!  In fact, it’s mega-marvellous!

We will be getting our hands and feet all sticky and covered in paint, cornflour, soap and paste. We will be investigating liquids, squishing some dough and checking out the slushiest and mushiest of foods!

This term we will be writing instructions, poems and riddles – there are lots of words to describe messy mixtures.

We will be tasting foods from different countries as well as investigating what happens to certain foods when we warm them up or cool them down.

For our trip we are going to visit an art gallery – then we will come back and set up our own for you to come and visit.




Class Rules/Other things parents may need to know


We are trying really hard to take responsibility for our learning so please help us to have a go at our morning work – even when we make mistakes we are learning!

Every morning we need to put our reading record and reading book in our table basket and our book bag in the blue boxes.

Please write our names in all of our clothes so that if we do loose them we can be reunited with them again.

In year 2 we follow our school rules.  We work hard and try our best in all subjects – even if we find it a little bit tricky.

We also like to be good friends and take care of each other.

In Year 2 we are good listeners and look at people when they are talking to us.

If we have a problem we try to sort it out by ourselves first then go and see a teacher.

PE Sessions

We have PE on a Monday and a Friday


Reading at Home

Please read every night at home with us so we can collect reward points.  We can read our school books, our favourite books, comics and online books (from bug club on Activelearn) – just remember to write it in our reading record.  In year 2 we change our own books – once or twice a week.  Please use the bookmarks we have been given to ask us questions about the book.  If you feel we need to move up a book band please see Mrs Carr and she will assess us.



Spelling tests are on a Monday and our new spellings are given out on a Tuesday.  As well as learning new spelling patterns and tricky words we are also learning how to spell the year 2 common exception words.

Maths homework is allocated on Activelearn on a Wednesday.  Please see Mrs Carr if you are having problems accessing the homework.



Any links to websites/passwords that would be helpful for parents 

Please access this site to see our homework and online reading books.

Look at how many points we have been given for good learning and behaviour.

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