Views of Our Academy

Pupil Voice

kingedit17.jpg"I like playing football at school." - F2
"I like playing with my friends." - F2
"I like all the clubs at Kingston Park Academy because we get to have have fun while we are learning." - F2

"I like the new logo on our school jumpers." - Y2
"I like the eye-catching new signs around the school." - Y2
"I think the academy will give me good choices for my future job. I want to be a vet." - Y2

"I like the uniform because it is smart. My best lesson is Maths because it is enjoyable." - Y5
"I like the new academy uniform because it is a bright colour. Everyone looks smart." - Y5

"I like Kingston Park Academy because all the teachers are so friendly and helpful." - Y6
"I love the new Academy uniform becasue of the bright colours. The school logo is very unique." - Y6