Staff List

kingedit4.jpgMrs V Pearson - Principal - (SENCO)

Mrs V Carr - Assistant Principal

Mrs B Law - Assistant Principal - (SENCO)


Teaching Staff

Nursery - Miss S Turner (Maths Co-ordinator)

Reception - Ms Aravind (Music, Art, DT)

Year 1 - Miss L Newcombe (ICT Co-ordinator)

Year 2 - Mrs V Carr (Literacy Co-ordinator)

Year 3 - Mrs V Bromley (Geography, History,mfl Co-ordinator)

Year 4 - Mr R O'Neill  (PE Co-ordinator)

Year 5 - Miss K Clark (Science Co-ordinator)

Year 6 - Mrs B Law (RE Co-ordinator/Cornerstones/Enrichments)

Mrs S Morris - Inclusion Support/PSHE Co-ordinator

Miss V Horrocks - School Direct Trainee Teacher


Teaching Assistants

Andrea Barnes

Joanne Davies

Deborah Findley

Emma Johnson

Lisa Lee

Alison Mitchell

Anita Myson

Alison Kerridge

Nathan Keogh

Casey Pashley

Samantha Smith


Office Staff

Members of staff that deal with queries from parents and other members of the public:

Rebecca Bucknall - Finance Officer

Claire Hancock - Attendance Improvement Administrator

Emma Foulds - Admin Assistant

Jane Brettle - Admin Assistant


Julie Uzsoy - Cleaner in Charge

Jamie Dunn - Janitor

David Hancock - Handyman


Midday Supervisors

Mrs K Storer

Mrs D Brown

Mrs D Lee

Mrs K Turner

Mrs G Widdowson

Mrs C Keeley

Miss C Hedley

Mrs J Uzsoy - Senior Midday Supervisor






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