Mission Statement

kingedit5.jpgKingston Park Academy aims to provide an outstanding Community School that offers endless opportunity. A school where potential is unlocked and achieved. A school that touches the hearts and minds of stakeholders and the wider community, holds a positive place in the community and is recognised for its greatness.

To achieve this we recognise the need to:

Provide an environment which is both supportive and challenging; to develop like minded professionals who work with mutual honesty, trust and respect.

Foster a forward thinking approach that allows us, as both individuals and a body to be ‘nimble’. To recognise our barriers but see them as challenges.

Encourage a ‘Maybe I can……’ attitude for our pupils. To instil in our pupils the idea of potential – regardless of the starting point. To develop life long learners so they see how much they can do, not what they can’t do.

Live the vision everyday in every way:

Sprinkle success, achievement and aspiration in all that we do -Feeding the life long learner in all of us.