Maths at Kingston Park Academy

At Kingston Park Academy we strive for all students to become fluent and confident mathematicians who can explain, reason, predict, estimate and apply their understanding to maths problems and real life situations. We know children learn through practical experiences and being given the chance to apply their skills in a range of contexts so where possible we link maths learning to exciting topics.


We believe it necessary for children to become fluent with numbers and the number system so our maths teaching and learning promotes children’s ability to quickly recall facts about numbers and make quick mental calculations, this works alongside a curriculum that is rich in promoting problem solving and reasoning.

With reference to the White Rose Hub, our children use fluency, problem solving and reasoning to master a topic. Topics are taught in a way which is progressive, enabling children to enhance their understanding and reach a deeper level of understanding.

We use a Same Day Intervention (SDI) approach to our daily maths lessons. This SDI approach means that children needing extra guidance to meet the lesson aims can be supported in the lesson or within the same day. This focuses on narrowing the gap and ensuring children can move on to the next step of learning having thoroughly understood the objective of that lesson. SDI means that the maths curriculum is tailored to individual needs and encourages a mastery of maths. When children achieve their age related expectation, they can then gain a learning at a greater depth through tasks which demand a higher level of mathematical thinking.


Bar Modelling

Bar modelling is a vital pictorial tool, to help children understand a mathematical problem. It is a way of breaking down and finding what the part of the question is missing in order to become complete. This is now being used at KPA and is giving children a helpful way to access their age related mastery problems and being  able to see why separate operations are needed in order to solve them.