Foundation Stage 2

Mrs Carr - FSClass Teacher  

 My name is Mrs Carr. I have been teaching the lovely children of Kingston Park Academy for four years. 

I really enjoy working at Kingston Park as no two days are the same! Every day my class make me smile by saying something funny or making me really proud of their achievements.

In my class I have excellent artists, story tellers, mathematicians and designers- as well as a few soap stars and X-factor finalists! We all celebrate each others indivduality and compliment each other with our different skills and personalities. When I am not at school I enjoying going on holiday and seeing different places.









Mrs Barnes - Foundation Teaching Assistant

Hi my name is Mrs Barnes. I have worked at Kingston for 24 years.  I love my job as it is very exciting and different every day. I have a dog called Jess and you may sometimes see me walking her if you drive into town.

I work in Foundation 2 and I think our school is a lovely place to work as we all care about each other.








'How many colours are there in a rainbow?'



This term we are looking at how many colours are in a rainbow. We will explore ideas around colours in nature including patterns and camouflage. We will investigate how colours can be mixed together to make new colours and what different colours are found in the natural world.  We will be going on a trip to the Harley Gallery to see how artist use colour.





PE Sessions

We have PE every Thursday. Please send your PE kit into school and we will keep it here until half term. Please ensure EVERY item of clothing is labelled as sometimes we all get a little bit muddled about what belongs to who.

PE Kit – Blue / black shorts or jogging bottoms, white t-shirt, pumps.


Reading at Home

Please listen to us read at home. When we have please write a comment in our reading records then Mrs Carr or Mrs Barnes will give us a raffle ticket and a reward point for reading at home.



We have a home learning project to complete with you over each topic. Please help us to do it – but let us have a go at it by ourselves!


Any links to websites/passwords that would be helpful for parents

Look at how many points we have been given for good learning and behaviour.

This site has phonics games on it for us to play on – some are free and some you have to pay for.

There are lots of maths, reading and phonics games to choose from on this site.

Free online games and activities.

We will be allocated activities to do on this site then Mrs Carr and Mrs Barnes can see we have been on them and had a go.


Class Rules/Other things parents may need to know

In Foundation 2 we are learning to be independent – please help us to do this by letting us take off and put on our own shoes and coats when we come into class.

Support us in finding our name card but let us have a go at doing it by ourselves- it’s the best way for us to learn!

We are trying really hard to take responsibility for our learning so please help us to have a go at our morning work – even when we make mistakes we are learning!

Every morning we need to put our reading record and reading book in the box and our book bag in the trolley.

Please write our names in all of our clothes, shoes and pumps so that if we do loose them we can be reunited with them again.

In Foundation 2 we follow our school rules – kind hands, kind feet and kind words.. We work hard and try our best in all areas of our learning – even if we find it a little bit tricky.

We also like to be good friends and take care of each other.

In Foundation 2 we are good listeners and look at people when they are talking to us.

If we have a problem we try to sort it out by ourselves first then go and see a teacher.