Miss Turner - Nursery Teacher

My name is Miss Turner. I am the Foundation 1 teacher and this is my third year teaching at Kingston Park Academy. The more time I spend in school the more I enjoy it. I work with a fantastic team in Foundation and we throughly enjoy making learning fun and exciting.
My three children are aged 9, 7 and 6 years so I spend any spare time I have taxi driving, refereeing and hoovering. I do love to read a good book.

Mrs Beighton - Reception Teacher

I'm Mrs Beighton and I teach Foundation 2. 

















Mrs Barnes - Foundation Teaching Assistant

Hi my name is Mrs Barnes. I have worked at Kingston for 23 years.  I love my job as it is very exciting and different every day. I have a dog called Jess and you may sometimes see me walking her if you drive into town.

I work in Foundation 1 in a morning and Foundation 2 in an afternoon.  I think our school is a lovely place to work as we all care about each other.




Mrs Davies - Teaching Assistant


My name is Mrs Davies. I have been working at Kingston for two years now. I am married with four children and in my spare time I love cleaning and spending time with my family.


Not many people know this, but I am also a qualified hairdresser.  I absolutely love my job helping children and watching them grow into fantastic individuals.




Mrs Ludden - Teaching Assistant










'Are Eggs Alive?'












This term Foundation 1 and 2 are continuing our topic about 'Are eggs alive?' We will be learning about eggs, which animals come from eggs and where we might find them. we will look at how chickens change from egg, to chick, to chickens. we will explore different eggs and talk about colour, size and pattern.
We will be reading Jack and the Beanstalk and Jasper's Beanstalk.
Children will explore farms in small world play and join in imaginative play in farm shops, garden centres and in a bakery.
We will develop our understanding of the world by looking closely at plants and animals around the farm and talking about them. 








Other topics we have done this year......


what is a reflection?

This topic develops the childrens curiosity, understanding and knowledge about mirrors, reflection and symmetry. the children will develop an awareness of their own reflections and relections of things in shiny surfaces. we will look closely at the fairy tale snow white and act out the story. we will read and talk about the story whatever next and plan our on space mission and design our very own rockets.


We will explore materials and talk about how they feel and look. Also we will develop our mathematical understanding of patterns and symmetry using mirrors to create these.


'Can I have a dog yet?'








Our topic this half term is about pets. We will be exploring and learning about a range of pets and how to look after them.

We will look at a range of fiction and non fiction text to enhance the topic and will have some focused literacy sessions based on Spot, dear zoo and rumble in the jungle.

We will explore where animals go if they are injured or unwell and what happens in a vet’s  surgery.  Role play will be used for us to explore these jobs and take them on ourselves.

As writers we will be beginning to hear initial sounds of some animal names to try labelling pictures and going on to develop phonics further by sounding out full words and writing in sentences.

As mathematician we will be developing and building our understanding of number by counting objects, finding one more and less, recognising numbers and moving on to adding and subtracting small amounts.

We will visit pets at home to find out more about what pets need and how they can be cared for.





Foundation 1 and 2 have learnt about where dinosaurs lived and what they ate and they went on a dinosaur hunt.











We have also been learning about celebrations such as Halloween, bonfire night, divali and Christmas this half term. We will be joining in with nursery rhyme week where we will be singing and learning rhymes and songs.




Information for Foundation 1 Parents/Guardians


PE Sessions

Monday and Wednesday- no kit needed.


Reading at Home

Enjoy a range of stories together, look at pictures and join in.



Learning nursery rhymes and Christmas songs.


Any links to websites/passwords that would be helpful for parents

http://pobble365 - counting and songs



Class Rules/Other things parents may need to know

We have a celebration assembly at 11.40 on a Friday where parents are welcome to join us to celebrate childrens’ achievments.

When FS1 doors open at 8.40 there are tasks such as name writing out for parents to support until 8.50.


Information for Foundation 2 Parents/Guardians


PE Sessions

Our PE sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday. Please bring PE kits in on Monday and leave them there until Friday, sometimes our PE day may have to change.  If you child wears earrings and can take them out, please remove them on PE days.  If this is not possible we will put a strip of micro pore tape over their earrings to prevent injury. 


Reading at Home

Please read with your child as often as possible.  Read stories, signs and labels at the shops, on the back of food packets, comics, the newspaper, the TV guide!

Please listen to your child read their reading book every day and record it in their reading record.  Give lots and lots of praise and encouragement.



We will send a letter out once a term for a home learning task.  This term it will be to find and record animal tracks.


Any links to websites/passwords that would be helpful for parents

Your child will receive a password on a book mark to access online books from Bug Club.

Cbeebies have lots of online resources suitable for your child’s learning at this stage.


Class Rules/Other things parents may need to know

Our class rules are ‘Kind hands’

                           ‘Kind feet’

                           ‘Kind words’

Book bags with reading records need to be brought into school every day.  Check your child’s book bag every day for letters, wow’s, certificates and work they have done for you.

Our school newsletter goes home on a Friday.  Please read it as it always contains important information.

If you have any questions I am available to see you every day at home time up to